Aerial Mirage Jugglers

Juggling term Pass

A throw from one juggler to another
A pass thrown from one shoulder to the same shoulder of another juggler, when they are facing each other. That is, a pass thrown from the right hand to the right shoulder, or from the left hand to the left shoulder.

Picture a rectangle (or parallelogram, for feed patterns, etc.) connecting the two jugglers, with the shoulders of the jugglers being the corners of the box. Tramline (and self) passes go along the sides of the box, diagonal passes cross through the box to the opposite corner.

This is nominally a throw which is in the air twice as long as a normal (single-spin) pass, and spins "twice" before landing in the catching hand.
Single spin
A pass or self throw which is thrown at 'single height' (normal juggling height in a 3-club cascade) and spins 'once' before being caught. A single-height throw can also have more (or fewer) spins than one, making it harder to throw and catch.
A throw or pass which rises to a height about three times that of a single-spin throw, and also turns three times before being caught.
A quick no-spin pass from one person to another. Related to a site-swap zip, but between passers. This is not a flat pass; the zap should rotate up just enough to be caught as a regular pass.