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Passing Pattern: Hammy 5-count

Hammy 5-count

For 2 passers and 6 clubs


This is an unbalanced 5-count pattern. It is unbalanced, because there is an easy side and a hard side. The hard side has 2 hurries in 5 counts, the easy side has none. Created by Dave Davis.


How to Do It

The easy side passes \"Straight self Diagonal self self\", and the clubs\' targets will be left right (selfs) right left (selfs).  The hard side does \"Diagonal self Straight self self\", starting left-handed, and the targets will be left left (selfs) right right (selfs).  After five counts, everything repeats with the opposite hands.

PPS-style description

Hard side:  (L) Di Se St Se Se (R) Di Se St Se Se
Easy side: (R) St Se Di Se Se (L) St Se Di Se Se

Causal diagram

causal diagram


<4p 3*|3* 4p>

Animation file!

Animated movie file

JoePass! file

Download the pattern described in the JoePass! juggling animation program.

Other Comments

This is a very satisfying yet unusual pattern

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