Aerial Mirage Jugglers

Passing Pattern: 3-4-2 Feed

3-4-2 Feed

For 3 passers and 9 clubs


The feed version of 4-2-3. The Feeder gets four passes in a row before there is a reprieve.

How to Do It

The feeder feeds a 4-count, followed by a 2-count, followed by a 3-count. The first Feedee does the 4-2-3, the second Feedee gets the second pass of each feed.

PPS-style description

F: StA Se StB Se StA StB StA StB Se
A: St Se Se Se St Se St Se Se
B: Se Se St Se Se St Se St Se

Causal diagram

causal diagram

JoePass! file

Download the pattern described in the JoePass! juggling animation program.

Other Comments

This feed can be interlocked with the 4-3-2 feed in a feed line, as B is doing the equivalent of A's role in a 4-3-2 feed. You just need to work out who starts where in which pattern.

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