Aerial Mirage Jugglers

Passing Pattern: 3-count Accommodation

3-count Accommodation

For 4 passers and 12 clubs


This is a way to 'accommodate' jugglers who cannot do PPS-type patterns with those who do. It is for four passers. There are four roles, and all feed two people. One person does a 3-count, another does a 1-2-count, and the others do 2-counts (one left-handed, the other right-handed), but they favor one feedee (the 1-2-count feedee) over the other. Only a pair of jugglers is passing at any one beat, and there is a pair of passes on every beat.


How to Do It



A feeds C and D in a 3-count.  B feeds C and D in 2-out-of-3, doing self D C self C D.

C passes right-handed in a 2-count, doing A s B s B s.  D passes in a 2-count, left-handed, s B s A s B.

PPS-style description

A: C s s D s s

B: s D C s C D

C: A s B s B s

D: s B s A s B

Causal diagram

causal diagram

JoePass! file

Download the pattern described in the JoePass! juggling animation program.

Other Comments

This pattern can be flipped and rotated any number of ways after each six beats.

One can also line up like so:


 C  D

This makes everyone's role harder -- even A's. If you want to see the 'traditional' arrangement, use 3countaccommrun.pass as the runaround file in JoePass!

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