Aerial Mirage Jugglers

Passing Pattern: 5-club version A

5-club version A

For 2 passers and 5 clubs


This is a good beginning pattern for left-right passing. No self throws are involved. Every juggler should eventually learn to throw and catch diagonal passes. This can be taught to non-jugglers ! Giving good throws is important!

How to Do It

With five clubs, one juggler throws tramlines, the other throws diagonals.  Whoever has three clubs starts with the hand which is holding two clubs.  The other juggler holds one club in each hand.

PPS-style description

St   St

   Di   Di

Causal diagram

causal diagram

JoePass! file

Download the pattern described in the JoePass! juggling animation program.

Other Comments

The hammy is an interesting unrelated pattern.

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