Aerial Mirage Jugglers

Passing Pattern: 3-count Typewriter Feed

3-count Typewriter Feed

For 4 passers and 12 clubs


Each feedee does a normal 3-count with the feeder, who is doing a 1-count.

How to Do It

Feeder starts wherever (on his left?) with a right-hand pass, then passes left with center feedee, then right with right feedee, then left with left feedee, right with center feedee, then left with right feedee... then repeats without first rinsing. The feedees on the ends need to make sure that the long cross-pattern throws are long enough (and on time enough) to be out of the way of the other clubs in front of the feeder.

PPS-style description


Causal diagram

causal diagram

JoePass! file

Download the pattern described in the JoePass! juggling animation program.

Other Comments

This is a good way to add a fourth juggler if a 3-count feed was going on... Use feed3.pass as the runaround 'project' to see this pattern.

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