Aerial Mirage Jugglers

Passing Pattern: Irvine Pinwheel

Irvine Pinwheel

For 5 passers and 16 clubs


Two jugglers (feeders) are doing 7 clubs (both passing triples in a 4 count). Three jugglers are walking in a tight circle in the middle. Each of these is doing a 6-count and passing to each of the two "feeders" on their non-triple, so the feeders are doing a two count.

How to Do It

PPS-style description

Other Comments

Antonio Benitez showed a 3 person version of this pattern to Will. Steve Gerdes added the middle person doing a 6 count (middle person was doing 4 count, toss and turns). Then at Irvine Park juggle get together, we put three people in the middle walking in a pinwheel

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