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Passing Pattern: Psychosis for Two Redux

Psychosis for Two Redux

For 2 passers and 6 clubs


A second version of Martin's Psychosis for only two jugglers. In this version, the 'second' juggler has 4 zip passes in 18 beats, and hiccups, instead of just a couple of hiccups, as in the other two-person version. In this version, however, the second juggler only makes straight passes, and (ignoring the zips) has a very Psychosis-like set of (straight) throws.

How to Do It

PPS-style description

Psychosis: R L sR L L sR L R sR L R sL R R sL R L sL
Responder: R L sL R L sL L L sR L R sR L R sR R R sL

Causal diagram

causal diagram

JoePass! file

Download the pattern described in the JoePass! juggling animation program.

Other Comments

This may or may not be more 'natural' than the other 2-person version. Other than the zips, though, it does have the same pattern of passes (all straights, of course) as Martin's Psychosis.

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