Aerial Mirage Jugglers

Passing Pattern: Archibald-jezzebel Fast-Slow

Archibald-jezzebel Fast-Slow

For 2 passers and 6 clubs


This is what happened when the Archibald (fast) is combined with the Jezzebel (slow). Really it is different from the Archibald and Jezzebel, but it is what it feels like to me.

How to Do It

The easy/slow side throws two straight passes followed by a diagonal. Then they have a bit of a pause and then throw a self from the same hand that through the diagonal (I guess this makes it a slow-hurry). The hard/fast side starts left handed. Throws two diagonals a handacross (zip) self. This will be very rushed. then a straight pass and a self. The pattern repeats on the other side.

PPS-style description

Easy/Slow: St St Di Se Hard/Fast: Di Di (zip) Se St Se

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