Our passing patterns

These patterns are not all created by us. Some are those we find fun, others just interesting or instructive.

How to organize? Obvious methods:

  1. Number of jugglers
  2. Number of clubs
  3. shape of pattern (feed, y, triangle or other polygon, box, ...)
  4. symmetry (passes, passers) of pattern, i.e. one hand do more 'work' ? or one passer?
  5. Complexities (diagonal passes, doubles, hurries of various flavors, handacrosses/shuffles)

What sort of patterns are you looking for?

It would be nice to have some way to search. ("Give me all 4-person patterns where at least one passer does a simple 3-count")

Could we create a pattern-generation application??

How about a discussion of difficulty rating for a pattern? Length of pattern, complexities included, speed, number of selfs / count, etc. Patterns for %d passers and %d clubs\n", $passers, $clubs); } $st->setText($pattern["briefDesc"]); $pid = $pattern["patternid"]; $aliases = get_aliases($pid); // get array of aliases for this pattern // print the entry's name, (aliases,) description printf("%s", $pid, $pattern["name"]); $ano = 0; // count the aliases foreach ($aliases as $alias) { if ($ano++ == 0) { printf(" ("); // start parenthetical list of aliases } else { printf(", "); // comma-separate the aliases } printf("%s", $pid, $alias); } if ($ano != 0) { printf(")"); // close off the parenthetical list, if any } printf("

\n", $st->getHTML()); } ?>

Don't forget to check the external sites - there are good passing pages there.

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