The Passing Wisdom of the Aerial Mirage Jugglers

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Aerial Mirage is the juggling club located in Phoenix, Arizona. We meet regularly on Wednesday nights, outdoors, on the softball field (foul line past 3rd base) at Encanto Park from 7-10pm. This part of the park is on the east side of 15th Ave., just south of Encanto Blvd. We welcome jugglers and non-jugglers alike!

To join us online (for email contact with our members, and a few other benefits), visit and join our free Yahoo! group.


The club was started in (1980? 1981?) when Ron Baumann (Hugo the Clown) was teaching juggling for the Phoenix parks department. He decided to invite a few friends over to join him after classes were over. The rest is, as they say, history.

Passing, passing, and passing

The major focus of the club seems to have always been club passing, rather than solo juggling work. There is room for everybody, and most of the jugglers do occasionally find themselves doing something other than passing. There are even some who are allowed to show up and not pass!

Despite several brief phases, the club is not a 'performing club', though there are performers who (ir)regularly meet.

(Dis)organization of the web pages

These pages were initially required inspired by the 2002 IJA Festival Workshops on "Social Passing" and "Steals and Takeaways during Passing" given by Dave Davis. They will grow to include all of the juggling information which we feel we want to impart to our readership. Expect a catalog of passing patterns, definitions, tricks during passing, and perhaps even some non-passing information!

There are extremely unfinished pages (as compared to "mostly unfinished pages") on making new club passers, passing patterns, and a glossary of selected passing/juggling terms. The entire look of the site is also temporary, and will be improved once we learn some technologies.

Arizona Juggling Festivals

There was a rumor of a "1st Annual Arizona Juggling Festival" in Parker, Arizona, in 2002, but it turns out that it was really held across the Colorado River, in California. There is another rumor that a future Arizona festival will be held at Lake Meade, just across the Nevada border.

Seriously, though, Flagstaff in the summertime would be great... anybody want to help plan an IJA festival for some future July?

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